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What are the best airplane seats? What are the major advantages and weak spots for airplane seats in differents parts of a plane? How to choose the right seat for yourself? We will try to answer these and other questions for those of our readers who care about airplane seating comfort.
The biggest difference between airplane seats is the class of travel. Each class has its own seat standards. The airplane seat legroom and seating width varies between different airlines and types of airplanes. Of course, any airplane seat in the business/ first class will be more comfortable than one in the economy travel class, but if you learn other not so visible but also very important airplane seat details that vary from one seat to another within the same travel class, it may help you make better choices and add more comfort to your air travel. You have to consider all pros and cons for each seating location to figure out which one would be the right choice for YOU. Only you can answer this question: what is best airplane seat for me? Take into consideration the following strong points and disadvantages for seats located in the different sections of a plane:
Airplane front seatsAirplane FRONT seats
Good: you will be among the first passangers to leave the plane; less turbulence; quieter
Bad: closeness to the washrooms- people passing by your seat.
Airplane back seatsAirplane BACK seats
Good: you can board the plane first to take more room in the overhead storage bins.
Bad: more noise from airplane engines, more turbulence
Airplane middle seatsAirplane MIDDLE seats
Good: motion sickness has less effect
Bad: too far from the washrooms; view is impared by the wing
Airplane bulkhead row seatsBULKHEAD ROW seats (in front of the airplane's partition walls)
Good: there is no row in front of you, so if you are flying with children, they will not bother people in front of you; there are no people reclining into your lap
Bad: too close to watch a movie if it projected on a screen; less legroom
Airplane window seatsWINDOW seats
Good: nice view (unless it is the one over the wing!); more private space
Bad: colder area; less room for elbows and legs
Airplane aise seatsAISLE seats
Good: more leg and elbow room; easier access getting up
Bad: people pass by your seat all the time; a passengerr sitting by the window can ask you to let him get out.
Airplane middle row seatsMIDDLE ROW seats
Good: when flying with a child, so your spouse and you can "lock" the kid in between; when flying in a group.
Bad: least privacy on board

Book your airplane ticket as much in advance as possible and secure your seats also as early as you can. If you have special needs or travel with children, let your travel agent know about that, so the best available airplane seat would be reserved for you according to your situation.
After booking your flight, you should find out which type of aircraft you will be flying on. Visit the airline's web site and learn the airplane seat map of your carrier's airplane. SeatGuru web site contain all necessary information for finding bad and good seating areas in any particular type of airplane.
As soon as the airplane door is shut, you are allowed to move to any available seat. Use this chance to occupy the airplane seat that suits you best, may be even two seats or a whole row, so you can later lie down and have a comfortable sleep.
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Best airplane seats
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