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Tips for booking a cruiseTHE BASICS

If you fly to a cruise embarkation port, book a flight that would arrive at least a few hours before, preferably- a day earlier due to possible flight delays. In case of a flight delay, inform your cruise line about it. Cruise departure may postponed in case if several passenger arrive late. On some occasions, the cruise company can help you with flying to the next port of call where you will be able to catch up with your ship.
Learn from your cruise provider about any necessary cruise forms and fill them in. In some cases, cruise lines provide such service online.
Alcohol drinks will cost you extra money, except if you are cruising with a luxury, "all inclusive" cruise line.
Your dining options onboard will vary from eating at a restaurant with assigned seating times, pizza parlors, buffets, specialty restaurants and room dining service. Major cruise lines can accommodate different dietary requests, enquire about available options prior to your departure.
If you you cruising with small children, check if the cruise ship provides in-room babysitting service. Study the cruise line's policy on babysitting and other family services.
Would you like to pamper yourself with an all-inclusive luxury treatment? Check out Silversea Cruises, Crystal, Oceania, Regent Seven Seas and Seabourn Cruises which often include all soft drinks, cocktails, tips and some complimentary shore excursions.
You can find our easy-to-compare list of all major cruise lines on our Cruise Reviews page.

How to choose a cabinCHOOSING A CABIN

There are few basic details about classification of staterooms on a cruise ship.
Single cabin accomodates a single person. Usually has a single or a double bed.
Double cabin accomodates two people. Has either two single or double beds, or one queen (king) size bed.
Triple/Quad cabin accomodates three or four passengers. The third and fourth person can sleep on a sofa, or on a folding bed.
Inside cabin has no window or view.
Oceanview cabin provides an oceanview through a porthole or window.
Mini-suite is a larger oceanview cabin with separate sitting and sleeping areas. They often come with a private balcony.
Suite stateroom provides the highest grade of accommodations with separate sleeping and living areas, wet bar, walk-in closets and luxury bathrooms with jet tubs. Suites are usually the first category to sell out on all cruises.
This will depend totally on your personal preferences, number of passengers, your travel budget and available cabin types.
If you plan to spend more time outside of your room, we recommend you to book an inside cabin for the sake of practicality and saving money. For those who need to see daylight in a stateroom and value viewing pleasures, we recommend purchasing an oceanview cabin. If you value comfort, a few extra amentities and extra space over price, take a mini-suite or a suite.
Check the plan of your ship decks and find out potential noise problem areas. Avoid booking a cabin near/above/below sun decks, swimming pools, lounges, promenade decks, kitchens, dining rooms, staircases, elevators and bars.

Cruise packing tipsCRUISE PACKING TIPS

Every cruise line has a certain dress code. Usually, formal means tuxedo or dark suit for men, and an evening gown or cocktail dress for women. Informal dress includes jacket and slacks for men, and a dress or pant suit for women. Casual could be slacks and a sport shirt or capris and a blouse. Call your cruise provider to check the dress code details. Your cruise papers describe how many formal nights to expect and when.
If you are planning some sports activities, find out what equipment can be rented out at the cruise ship, as well as their rental rates to determine if it is worth to bring your own sports equipment.
If you are taking your children on a cruise, learn about available stroller rentals. Do not forget to pack enough diapers, baby food, and prescription medications for your kids.
Find out what electricity standard is used on your ship and determine if you need an an adapter plug and a voltage converter accordingly. Enquire about a mini-safe for your valuables.
For more tips on packing for a cruise visit our Cruise Packing List.

Shore excursion tipsSHORE EXCURSIONS

Do some homework. There are many resources on the Internet allowing you to learn about different tourist spots and various activities along your cruise route. Many cruise lines put up detailed lists of available shore excursions on their web sites, so you can book the ones that you like months before your departure. Shore excursions can also be booked while onboard of a cruise ship. Your third option is to use independent tour operators in ports of call, which is often the least expensive method, but it requires more of your effort and time, provides more opportunities, but less security and organization.

Health and medical tips for cruisersHEALTH AND MEDICAL TIPS

Most cruise lines employ onboard doctors and nurses to take care of health problems. There is also a supply of common medications onboard. Usually, you are asked to pay your medical bill before the cruise's end. Even a simple visit to the medical unit can be very expensive. If you have a travel insurance, which we strongly recommend, submit their claim upon arrival home.
Motion sickness occurs when the body is subjected to accelerations of movement in different directions or under conditions where visual contact with the actual outside horizon is lost. The balance center of the inner ear then sends information to the brain that conflicts with the visual clues of apparently standing still in the interior cabin of a ship. The usual symptoms are dizziness, fatigue, and nausea which may progress to vomiting. Try to sit as close to the middle of the vessel as possible, face forward and look straight ahead at the horizon. Choose the lowest level you can find.
There are certain steps you can take to help prevent foodborne illnesses. First, all meat, eggs and seafood should be properly cooked to kill many types of bacteria. Raw fruit and vegetables washed with regular tap water (not drinkable) cause many cases of stomach problems. If you begin to feel sick or develop a fever, rest and drink tea or purified water. Most cases of traveler’s diarrhea clear up within a few days. Make sure to wear a hat, drink plenty of fluids starting before you start to feel thirsty, and if you feel worn out, queasy, or over-full during the day, take a 1-2 hour nap. IMODIUM and PEPTO-BISMOL help in most cases.
You may also find helpful our generall health tips for travelers. Buy products for travel health and comfort: first-aid-kits, over-the-counter medicine for jet lag and motion sickness, insect repellents, sleep masks, travel ear plugs, neck rests, sunglasses and sun protection lotions at our online store. They will keep you stay healthy and comfortable when you travel.


Do not leave money, jewelry and other valuable items lying around in your cabin. Keep them in  the cabin's safe instead. Lock the door before going to bed. Protect your cabin key. Do not invite strangers into your cabin. Avoid "Crew only" areas of the ship. Do no't get drunk.
Make two copies of your travel documents and credit cards. Leave one on the ship and take another with you when go ashore.
Check out our general safety tips for travelers. Buy such popular personal safety and security items as intruder alarms, luggage tags and locks, money belts, neck puches, and many more at our online store
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